al fin cayo

A long time ago, I walked through these halls for the first time. I do not remember what day it was, nor do I remember the feeling in that moment. All I could dig up was being in a classroom with new people on the fourth floor of the elementary building. At that time, theContinue reading “al fin cayo”

2016 monaco redemption

“Forgiveness and grace have the power to heal so much” is the most valuable lesson I learned from the video. If we have the power to forgive others for what they have done to us, we are letting go of our emotions and our grudges and also by confronting them, you can finally forgive theContinue reading “2016 monaco redemption”


The topic that I chose is pollution of the mind. I made my artwork to be hinging on both sides, one part where the external problem in Johannesburg is like economy is based on industrial things such as gold mines so for me that would be destroying nature. I don’t mean in the sense thatContinue reading “pollution”

the journey

My goals for the future is to make the online world safer for the people who are using it. I think it’s a plan with the sole purpose of helping others. I think that most people’s goal for the future is to help the world become a better place. We all want to change theContinue reading “the journey”


I think being a responsible tourist is just being respectful to the country’s customs and traditions. Part of it is just being able to understand and mend with the culture that you are visiting. We need to recognize that each country and culture have different traditions, which must be respected even though it may seemContinue reading “travel”

house of balloons

Waltzing through the streets of New York, seeing all the skyscrapers and all the marvellous sites of the luxurious New York communities. Everyone seems so happy to be here, they’re just enjoying their lavish lives without having to care about anything. There’s a service for everything that you may need here. I see these peopleContinue reading “house of balloons”

Fri 7:16 PM

The problem in No Way Out comes mainly from Boonma’s desire to want more in his life, which leads him to blame others for his hardships — blaming why they came to Bangkok, why they need to buy a house, why they borrowed money. Boonma’s suffering is a never ending cycle. It’s obvious that heContinue reading “Fri 7:16 PM”

poem stuff

Death that need not have been I feel the loneliness after death, Death that need not have been– I hear the screech of brakes, And see the muddy shoes removed, Lying beside the still form, The too-quick boy, Covered with hempen bags, Flies gathering. It makes the heart sick, As an old moon upsets aContinue reading “poem stuff”

one way to bangkok

Nationalism is a topic that has to linger in someone’s mind at least once in a while. Of course, everyone loves their country, therefore everyone has a sense of nationalism inside them. However, by country, I mean the piece of land. For me, I love the piece of land that I’m standing on, I mightContinue reading “one way to bangkok”


I don’t think that fundamental values are dangerous, but it’s easy to think that it is because it likely came from old values. This leads to the fundamental ideas being regarded as ‘old’ values. However, I think that it can be a good thing if it progresses with the idea as a whole, but willContinue reading “fundamentals”


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