grow Up

I think that teenage rebellion is inevitable. Everyone has a rebel inside of them, and all they want to do is challenge traditions and ideas. Especially for teenagers, the traditions are things that they will not respect unless there is some tangible reasoning behind it. I think that it is good for character development. ForContinue reading “grow Up”

new magic wand (pt.2)

I will attempt to write a response to Rumi’s poem and try to use the same techniques that he uses. Inspiration wise, I think that I will write in a very surreal sense because it’s really how I would describe what Rumi’s poem incorporates the most. I will also try to use metaphors in theContinue reading “new magic wand (pt.2)”

new magic wand

Yesterday I gave a star a message for you; I said to it, “Deliver my compliments to that one fair as the moon.”Prostrating myself, I said, “Convey this prostration to thatsun who by his burning glow converts hard rocks to gold.”I opened my breast and showed it the wounds; I said to it,“Bear tidings ofContinue reading “new magic wand”

moral values

I don’t really think about moral values all too much because I think that it’s something that is extremely subjective to the individual. Although, I always feel an obligation to voice my opinion every time that I hear someone talk about their moral values, especially when it’s not the same as mine. Deep down IContinue reading “moral values”

human Made

Truthfully, I never thought about the idea of human rights, because I’m lucky to be in a community where the violation of individual human rights is almost non-existent (but the political side is another thing). For me, I have always had what I felt like are the basics of human rights, which are: freedom ofContinue reading “human Made”

Wok Fried Chicken

Quiet Morning dawn The turquoise flowing water, Fluttering feathers

YoDa BuSoN

Yosa Buson was a Japanese poet in the Edo period of Japan. Although he wrote countless of poems, there was one in particular that stood out to me. However, I could not find the poem’s name, but it reads: 白梅に 明くるよばかりと なりにけり. Ha. You have no idea what it means, don’t you. But wait! Don’tContinue reading “YoDa BuSoN”

Zenith of High School

The first blog is always the most daunting one, as is the case with this one. Before I get started with the senior year goals and everything, I just wanted to say that: No, I did not have Avocado Ham Sandwich this morning. Alright, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s tackleContinue reading “Zenith of High School”

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